Our Ministries
Celebrate Recovery
A nationwide Christ centered recovery program.  Our Celebrate Recovery ministry is held at Craft Memorial United Methodist Church located at: 907 Hatcher Lane, Columbia, TN 28401.  We meet every Friday night at 6:00 PM for celebration!
The Gathering
Is a ministry sponsored by Craft Memorial United Methodist Church and FreshSTART.  Our ministry is open to all and offers a free meal, fellowship for the whole family, group worship, music, bible study classes, parenting classes and recovery classes.
jail-ministryIn Jail Ministry
This ministry is full of rewarding moments for all involved.  Through our ministry the women at Maury County Jail have one-on-one counseling, we provide bible classes and parenting classes along with our Celebrate Recovery 12 step courses.
Community Outreach
As a missional church we go out into the community and seek those in need.  Every community has its forgotten people.  We want them to know that they are not forgotten and that God loves all and is looking out for everyone, no matter their status in life.
childrens-ministry-hands-editedChildren’s Ministry
Providing a stable environment for all children affected by substance and alcohol addicted family members.  This ministry touches our hearts.  The cycle of social demoralization and hopelessness must be broken and these children thrive when treated with respect, unconditional love and spiritual nurturing.