Community Outreach Ministry


We have two transitional houses (for men and women) and offer Recovery programming, including 12 step meetings 4 days each week. We have 4 MRT (Moral Reconation Therapy) trained staff members.We provide CR, Parenting Inside Out and other Recovery classes at Maury County Jail, as well as exit plans in preparation for re-entry into the community. We offer a community Parenting class. We meet with recovery individuals and families on a regular basis for support, encouragement, recreation and fellowship, as well as spiritual formation. We speak at community awareness events and provide information and support to Pastors and community leaders. 

Beginning this Fall, we will offer pre-recovery for children K – 10 at “Celebration Place” and Recovery support for youth 11 – 16 at “The Landing” on Friday evenings. We hope to provide additional programming for children and teens as we recruit new volunteers.