Men’s Recovery Residences
FreshSTART currently provides four houses for men that function as recovery residences.

The program typically lasts 8 months, but extensions up to 1 year may be granted. While in residence, men will be included in regular recovery classes, 12 step meetings, Recovery focused church services, devotions and Bible studies. In addition, wide variety of life skills topics, including anger management, healthy boundaries, money management and parenting will be made available.

All residents are expected to work at least 30 hours per week while in the program and are given assistance in locating employment in Recovery friendly work environments. Men are also expected to participate in the life of the community, including some volunteer or service work.

Each house has rules and expectations that are enforced. This helps residents earn rewards as they participate in healthy habits and life style choices. The goal is to help men realize that they have the capacity to make wise choices and live life clean, and to be a healthy part of a community and responsible.