In Jail Ministry

 We provide chaplain services to the women in the Maury County Jail, as well as Life Recovery classes and Bible Studies. We also coordinate volunteers to teach classes and mentor women.  FreshSTART also created the Journey Forward class in collaboration with South Central Human Resources Reentry Team.  We also offer baptism and communion services to the women. 


Our resident ladies are wonderful people and always look forward to meeting with us when we arrive.  We do more than bring in programs and classes, we bring in lasting relationships & we bring in LOVE and LIGHT!  We try to show each woman the love of Jesus through our words and our actions. 

Upon completing our In Jail programs, they all receive certificates of completion and a celebration.  When they have completed their time of incarceration, many of the women come to FreshSTART for assistance in finding a place to live if they don’t have one (including our transitional Recovery Houses), we also assist in helping them find jobs and we provide support with bringing them back together with their families.