Our Mission

Our mission is to find REAL, LIFE CHANGING, WORKABLE, DEEP solutions for families struggling with the effects of addiction, alcoholism, poverty, incarceration, mental health issues and abuse.  We believe in a Holistic Approach and that the best solutions care for the entire person, body, mind and spirit AND that the best solutions include the whole family AND build healthy relationships and create a loving and supportive Recovery Community. Our mission is to AID transformation of individuals, families and ultimately of our community.  

Our Vision

We envision a world where the love and light of Jesus Christ make healing and restoration possible for the most broken members of society. We envision a world with no labels, no judgments and no stigma for the people struggling with life’s most damaging challenges. We envision hope, peace, serenity, sobriety and harmony being the norm for the families that we meet. We envision a vast and diverse Recovery community filled with love, support and FUN and fellowship. We envision a place where any struggling addict or alcoholic and their whole family can come and find the education and support they need to RECOVER.