img_0962Research suggests that 15 percent of U.S. children are exposed to alcohol abuse and/or substance abuse in the family, and children who experience alcoholism and substance abuse in their lives often suffer from a wide variety of problems, including poor self-esteem and problems with relationships.  Studies also exist and have been completed which show us the long-term effects of substance abuse on the youth who are present. A growing number of currently detained prison inmates and rehab attendees admit they had a tumultuous upbringing, having experienced some sort of neglect, or physical, sexual or verbal abuse. Further, these individuals were aware of criminality or substance abuse in their environment, setting a powerfully negative example for such youth.
FreshSTART’s Children’s Ministry is very active.  We understand the effects that parent drug addiction and alcohol abuse have on these children and realize that many of the grandparents of these children are also affected by their son’s or daughter’s relationship with substance abuse.  it is truly a family problem, which then metastasizes into a societal problem.  This negative cycle can go on-and-on from generation to generation if not addressed. 
FreshSTART was created to assist in trying to break this vicious downhill cycle, by focusing on the parents (we offer parenting, recovery and bible study classes), the grandparents, (to take these courses with their son’s or daughter’s, so that they may learn and better understand themselves and their children and grandchildren) and the children, (to provide a loving and caring environment that nurtures and empowers them through our faith filled biblical programs). 
We want to educate everyone on the severity of this growing problem in our community and our country.  It is up to us to make a difference, in trying to help change the direction our society is going in, by educating ourselves and by getting involved.  We cannot ignore this reality anymore! 
Help us!  Become part of the solution and volunteer your service.  Contact us by sending an email and we will send you a questioner, so that we can better match you with one of our ministries.